modeling how to live and eat cleaner




model meals is a revolutionary meal delivery company using responsibly-sourced premium ingredients that makes clean-eating convenient, accessible, and mainstream

our professional chefs and local small farmers work together to bring responsibly-farmed seasonal ingredients to your plate. our unique dirt-to-doorstep approach provides nutrient-dense premium fuel for our busy and life-conscious clients. our mindful mix-and-match menu satisfies your need for both a connection to the robust holistic whole food movement, as well as the sense of well-being that intuitive clean eating nourishes within. each uniquely crafted menu item from our southern california kitchen tantalizes the taste buds without the use of sugar, grain, dairy, alcohol, or processed foods. coupled with the thoroughly-researched educational content we provide, model meals will organically grow to be a nationwide brand with a socially conscious perspective that makes growing local communities and farm economies the priority. don’t clean off your plate, clean UP your plate. modeling how to live and eat cleaner, one meal at a time.

  • no crazy commitments: order weekly as desired, no subscription or setup necessary
  • no grocery shopping or lengthy cooking + cleaning: save time and energy without sacrificing health and quality of life
  • no "one-size-fits all" tastes- mix and match your proteins and sides to your liking or dietary preference
  • no "all-or-nothing" mentality: at Model Meals we believe in balance- we understand that you have a busy lifestyle that often includes dinners, travel, and some indulgence. As it should. We help you to keep the weekdays in check so you can enjoy your weekends freely while feeling your best.
  • no "what should I be eating" confusion: you can be confident that every dish we offer is hand selected for the highest nutritional value and personally approved by the team at Whole30