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10 Smart Swaps For Spring

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Smart Swaps for Spring Self-Care

Changing seasons can result in stress on our bodies, minds, and routines. With warmer weather headed our way, we're sharing 10 tips for making this seasonal transition a breeze for your health, mindset, and schedule.

1. Exchange Resistance for Acceptance
  • Someone once said, “Pain doesn’t come from the journey, it comes from fighting it.” Instead of being bummed about losing that extra hour to Daylight Savings, school schedule changes, or new responsibilities, change your attitude from one of resistance, to one of acceptance. When we practice changing our perception it leaves less room for disappointed expectations, discomfort, and stress.
2. Swap the Indoors for the Outdoors
  • If you’ve been hiding out all winter, this could be an excellent opportunity to explore your surroundings more and get out in nature. Whether it’s a quick walk on your lunch break or a camping trip with the family, take advantage of spring weather with activities that make nature a part of the equation.
    3. Clean Out Your Fridge and/or Pantry
    • You might be surprised to see how many expired items are hiding in the back of your cupboard, out of sight and out of mind. Get a good start by tackling a few cabinets and being diligent about throwing things out that are past their expiration date. Have items you bought that you might not even use? Put together a donation for your local food bank or shelter. When we clear out space physically, we also clear out mental space. Channel your inner Marie Kondo and spark joy when you search for that new ingredient or fresh produce item in your newly de-cluttered fridge or pantry.
      4. Reduce Distractions
      • With electronics making us so reachable 24/7, these distractions can cut off our ability to be present with ourselves and with others. Put down the phone, pause Netflix, and begin to build a habit of tapping into yourself. To start, try being present in the moment with a big breath or two and check in with your body. Ask yourself what you are feeling and recognize where you are. Doing this can enable us to tune out the outside chatter and to tune in to our physical being. It’s ok to start small!
        5. Start Saying No, or Yes, More Often
        • There are instances when we react to a request, opportunity, or obligation with a response that is out of line with what we truly feel. Sometimes we may be reluctant to commit out of fear, or we accept an invitation from a place of guilt or to avoid conflict. Try honoring what you truly feel and need by switching those No’s to Yes’s, or vice versa. Pay attention to what happens when your responses start to align more with your truth.

        20 Smart Swaps for Spring for Self Care

          6. Shake up Your Routine
          • Growth happens outside of our comfort zone, so bust down those barriers! Shaking up our routines can be as small as waking up 10 minutes earlier to journal, or plugging our phone in to charge outside of the bedroom. CAUTION: don’t change everything all at once! While it’s good to set goals and aim high, start with small, attainable goals and then move on to loftier ones once you’ve mastered those initial changes. Sustainability is key and we sustain what we attain.
            7. Stay Hydrated
            • We all know that drinking water is an essential part of maintaining our health, but sometimes this is easier said than done. With so many benefits linked to increased water intake (better energy levels, glowing skin, more mental clarity, etc.) we could all benefit from making water more easily consumable. Get a fun new water bottle and carry it with you wherever you go to make drinking more H2O easy and stylish. Feeling that 3 o’clock slump? Try drinking 16 ounces of water infused with your favorite fruits or veggies before you reach for that cup of afternoon joe. Some of our favorite combos are cucumber mint, watermelon basil, and lemon ginger. Delicious and refreshing!
              8. Create More Time
              • We all get 24 hours in a day, so why not use those hours to your benefit? Small strategies like scheduling time for self-care, bonding with friends, or meal prepping can save you hours and energy, allowing you the luxury of feeling less stressed and rushed. Know you have a deadline coming up or an event in the next few weeks? Set aside a predetermined amount of time to practice that speech, work on that proposal, or simply meditate. Your clarity, focus, and freedom will increase with each time-saving act.
                9. Move Your Body
                • We’re not saying go out and run a marathon or sign up for a triathlon (unless that’s your jam), but at least get your blood pumping and those feel-good endorphins flowing. Get up and stretch during your work day for 5-10 minutes, take a fun new workout class, or even just blast some of your favorite tunes and dance in your living room. We love the idea of movement as a physical act of love and self-care.
                  10. Practice Gratitude
                  • Notice the word “practice.” Gratitude can be the act of thinking of what you’re grateful for, or continued action to practice that gratitude in everyday life. This can take the form of a written gratitude list, shared words of affirmation with those you are grateful for, or any number of actions that exemplify gratitude for you. It’s no wonder the phrase “attitude of gratitude” is a widely used expression. Helpful Tip: If you find yourself in a place of stress or discomfort, try writing a gratitude list mentally or physically on paper, thanking someone for something they did, or extending your body some gratitude (i.e. “I am grateful for strong legs that carry me through my days, a loving heart that keeps beating, etc.”). These acts can help change our perception and reduce emotional stress. Life looks a lot more rosy when viewed through the lens of gratitude.
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