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6 Tips From Your Whole30 Future with Krysten's Kitchen

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We all love predictability, right? If only life was that simple! Every year in April, Krysten Dornik and her husband Jeff do a Whole30. Being a die-hard Model Meals taco fan, we partnered with Krysten to help make this Whole30 a little simpler and a whole lot tastier. With most of us staying closer to home and ordering what we can online, meal delivery is something that we all need right now, especially if you're doing Whole30 at Home, much like Krysten. As much as we'd like to look into our crystal ball to see what the future holds, Krysten decided she wanted to share with us what she's learned about Whole30 PLUS share her favorite and oh-so-simple recipe for Cashew Cream, perfect to top off your Model Meals tacos with!


A real food blogger and Disney addict, Krysten started her own healing journey in 2009. Struggling with health issues, Krysten sought out help from a naturopath doctor who uncovered PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) and started her on an elimination protocol. Learning what foods caused her distress, inflammation, and worsened her PCOS symptoms, Krysten slowly began to take back her health and vitality through choosing the right foods for her body. Since 2015, Krysten's Kitchen has been a destination for whole food recipes, beautiful foodspo, and resources for all of those looking to improve their lives through the food they choose.

"We require different nutrition depending on our own genetic makeup, our food allergies, food intolerances and so much more but in the end, fueling our own bodies with REAL FOOD is so important and healing in itself."

 Krysten from Krysten's Kitchen

My name is Krysten of KrystensKitchen.com and I love the Model Meals Tacos and could eat them every single day. The end. 
Okay, just kidding — well, that is all true, but there’s more. I am a food blogger and content creator in the health, wellness and food space. I create recipes that are paleo, Whole30, gluten-free and dairy-free. I wrote an e-cookbook last year with 35 recipes, all of which fall into Whole30 (and paleo, gluten-free, too) called EAT REAL FOOD. I absolutely love the power of food! One main reason I think food is so cool is that it can be totally nostalgic and transport you to a time and a place in your past like nothing else can. The smell of a food, the taste, the texture. It all goes hand in hand. Quite a few of my recipes are recreations of old family recipes that I have made over the years so that I can enjoy eating the same foods as my family during the holidays. I have Whole30’d recipes, too, including this delicious Cashew Cream (dairy-free sour cream) that I make almost weekly.
My husband and I tend to do April Whole30 every year. It gets easier, we get more creative and also rely on tried and true recipes we’ve used in the past. No matter what day you’re on I want to give you some tips that have really helped me and I hope they are encouraging to you.
  1. Keep it simple and also feel free to get creative. Let me explain. Right now during this quarantine/COVID-19 it’s like we’re on an episode of Chopped. By the way, Model Meals founder and queen, Danika Brysha was on Chopped…like for reals and now you are, too! Find a protein and a veggie and go for it. Add in a healthy fat like avocado or a handful of nuts and BOOM BABY! Every meal doesn’t have to be complicated or stressful. You don’t need a fun and festive recipe every single night. Sometimes you can just make eggs and bacon with a side of veggies and boom you have a meal. If you want to get creative, go for it! Just don’t put so much pressure on yourself that you get overwhelmed.
  2. Breakfast, AKA your first meal of the day, doesn’t have to be breakfast foods. You can make a steak, piece of chicken, eat a salad or have leftovers. You don’t need to make eggs every breakfast. Once I learned this it was a game-changer
  3. Write out a menu of what you plan to have each meal throughout the week. Tuesday lunch: Model Meals Tacos; Wednesday breakfast: steak and eggs; Friday dinner: leftovers…this will save any last-minute debate in the family “I don’t know! What do you want for dinner?”
  4. Make it a habit to write down your NSV (non-scale victories) and celebrate them! Some days it might just be that you got in a workout, made time for self-care, had more energy, didn’t need coffee or had no sugar cravings. Being able to look back on your NSVs will be great encouragement throughout your entire Whole30 AND when you choose to do another round of Whole30, you can look back and see what and how your past self acknowledged these NSVs.
  5. Have a running buddy — no not like “working out” buddy (though that’s great, too) but have someone that can do the Whole30 with you. Your spouse, significant other, roommate, family member, friend, etc. And if you don’t know anyone, find someone on Instagram who is doing the Whole30 and become friends. Be there for each other, celebrate your NSVs together and have an accountability partner. My hubby and I do the Whole30 together and it’s so helpful eating the same things and not having to cook different meals.
  6. If you ever feel like quitting, remember that you can totally do this. You can give yourself 30 days! I promise your sugar cravings will go away, you can develop an amazing relationship with food and learn more about yourself and your body when it comes to food in a short period of time. I’m cheering you on!

    Bonus: If Model Meals is available in your area, utilize their incredible meal delivery service. You won’t be sorry. I have been ordering meals from them for years now and everything has been 100% delicious. The tacos are my absolute favorite and having them on hand, even just a few meals a week really saves us time and stress. It’s a no brainer.

I feel great when I’m doing a Whole30, and I truly believe that each round CAN get easier because you remember how great you feel after, you know the program, have tried and true recipes, and resources (like Model Meals). When you learn how your body feels while nourishing it with real, nutritious foods, meats and healthy fats you tend to eat more of those foods even when you’re not on a Whole30, which makes each round after that not too far different than your regular foods.
You can use this recipe whether you’re on a Whole30 or not. It’s great to drizzle on so many things and I hope you enjoy every last drop of it. 
Thank you to Krysten of Kryten's Kitchen for sharing her tips and recipe with us! You can find more of Kryten's creations on her website, YouTube, and Instagram accounts where she shares REAL food, REAL content, and REAL talk for the everyday foodie like you!

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