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7 Must-Read Tips for Whole30 Success

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Judith Forman is a Whole30 Certified Coach and busy working mom who is sharing her top 7 tips about how to crush your Whole30 round. Whether you're busy with work, your family, or just juggling life in general, these tips are guaranteed to help ease some of your Whole30 stressors. With strategies for meal prep, time management, and involving your little ones, Judith's strategies will help set you up for success!

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1. Schedule your time wisely.

Think through your weekend and set aside a window to hit the supermarket. Make sure you have enough time to focus. If your child is tagging along, make it fun -- ask him/her to help load things in the shopping cart and cross items off your shopping list.

2. Make a list!

Choose two or three recipes and add the ingredients needed to your shopping list. Also, select some "easy" protein options like tuna salad with homemade mayo, compliant chicken sausage, and burgers cooked in the Air Fryer to fill in the gaps. List out the veggies you’ll make and ingredients for any sauces/added fats that will round out your meals. Staying organized with a good shopping list is key!

3. Hard stuff first, simple stuff later.

Make your more complicated recipes when you have the most energy and time for cooking. Leave simpler prep for evenings after work. 

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4. Have backup.

Emergency foods are your BFF on Whole30. Always keep some quick protein/veggie/fat options on hand for when you are short on time or motivation. Your emergency stash should include things like frozen burgers, compliant hot dogs, eggs, frozen cauliflower rice/other veggies, potatoes and onions (they keep while!), guacamole packs, nuts, ghee and olive oil.

5. Involve your child.

Real mom talk: This can be easier said than done. Sometimes kids are willing participants in meal prep. Other times, they want nothing to do with it. At the very least, aim to keep your kiddos in the kitchen with you with their toys, books, or Play-Doh! Just having them close by and talking with you as you’re cooking makes it enjoyable “together time.”

6. Cook with your friends. 

Plan cooking playdates with your friends to make meal prep fun! Choose a few recipes you want to make and assign each person a shopping list of ingredients. Gather moms and kids in someone’s house – and as you and your friends cook together, the kids can play.  Divide up the finished products (don’t forget to bring food containers) to go and you’ll each have a variety of food ready to get you through the week!    

7. Do the best you can.

Give yourself grace. Your meals don’t need to be fancy or from a recipe. They just need to have protein, veggies, and fat! Sometimes all you have in you is leftover roasted vegetables topped with fried eggs and a dollop of ghee. Or tuna on salad with avocado. When you meal prep, you are setting yourself up for success by ensuring you always have the elements of a Whole30 meal on hand to be combined in an endless number of delicious ways!


Keep up with Coach Judith on the web at www.everydaywhole.com and on Instagram @jujuswhole30.

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