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Do You Recommend Any Cookbooks for Beginners?

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We get a ton of great questions from our clients and followers, and we’ve been thinking “hey, I’m sure others could benefit from these conversations too!”. We’re committed to making clean eating easy and accessible, so we hope these tidbits and tips help!
Hi Danika,
I saw you on the episode of Chopped that I had DVR'd awhile back and I think you're so awesome!! I love to cook and I'm getting married and I would love to cook healthy and delicious meals for my hubby. Do you know of any blogs/cookbooks that you used in the beginning of cooking healthy?
Thanks so much,
Hi Friend,
Thank you so much for reaching out and for the kind words. Congrats on your upcoming wedding! Your husband sounds like a lucky guy.
When I first started cooking, I committed to cooking my way through Williams Sonoma's Cookbook "Eat Well". It had such a variety of recipes so it taught me a lot of diversity and used simple ingredients for the most part. There was no specific diet style attached to it and I liked that I was trying things I'd never done before. I also used YouTube and Pinterest often to find great recipes. Heres a link to my personal pinterest "foodspiration" board and to our Model Meals Recipes board
Williams Sonoma Eat Well Cookbook
Nowadays I'm more particular with the foods I eat and stick pretty much to a Whole30 diet (no grains/dairy/sugar/soy/legumes/artificial ingredients). They actually JUST released their new cookbook and it would be a great place to start as it has a ton of simple real food recipes (and lots of pictures!).  Their previous book, Whole30, would be a great option as well.
    Whole30 CookbookWhole30 Book
Lastly, I always post recipes to our Model Meals blog so you can scroll through those HERE if you'd like.
I hope this helps. Have a great weekend!

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