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Getting Creative with Christine: Introducing our Newest MM Team Member

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Model Meals' new Marketing Assistant, Christine, did her first Whole30 in 2016 and has been on her personal health journey ever since. Becoming familiar with Model Meals CEO, Danika Brysha, after watching her do a takeover on the Whole30 Instagram account, Christine loved her positivity around food and body image and became a fan almost instantly. Attending two separate "Brunch Series" events hosted by Danika, Christine jumped at the opportunity to join the Model Meals team after deciding to make the cross-country move back to her hometown of Ojai, California. She's telling us all about her personal Whole30 journey, answering some fun rapid fire questions, and sharing the BEST piece of advice she's ever received! Get to know all this and more.

Welcome to the team, Christine! While we know you pretty well, share with us a little about your background and how you found Model Meals.

Hi everyone! So happy to officially be joining the Model Meals team! I first heard about Model Meals when Danika did a takeover on the Whole30 Instagram almost two years ago. She was sharing her story and talking all things body positivity, and I instantly wanted to know more about her! And it was through Danika that I learned about the awesome company that is Model Meals!

You’re new to the Model Meals team, but not to Whole30. Tell us about how you got started with your Whole30 journey and what led you to becoming a coach.

Christine and one of her favorite veggies, organically grown carrotsYes! I did my first Whole30 back in 2016 and it truly changed my life. This sounds silly to say, but I really had no grasp up to that point of the concept of food as medicine. I had struggled with eczema, chronic headaches, and a myriad of GI issues most of my adult life and had been bounced around to various specialists that threw every medication in the book at me. Yet, I never really felt “better” and knew that these medications were ultimately masking my symptoms rather than getting at the root of the issue. Enter Whole30. It was nothing short of astounding to me to learn how impactful food could be to my overall health in so many different aspects. I could spend hours talking about how life changing it was, but I won’t bore you all with that! Haha! If you want to read my Whole30 story you can check that out HERE.  As you might imagine, I was so amazed with the program that I immediately started telling all my friends and family about it. In an unofficial capacity, I was coaching people through their own Whole30’s for quite some time.  So when the announcement was made that Whole30 was now vetting people to be deemed Certified Coaches, I knew I had to do it! 

What made you want to join the MM family?
First of all, because you’re all awesome! Haha! Seriously! Company culture is so. dang. important. to me and I knew from the moment I jumped on a call with you all that you were my kinda people! But the reason why I even had an interest in working for MM in the first place is because of what you all represent. In working with my Whole30 coaching clients, I know that one of the biggest barriers that people face in either completing a successful Whole30 or in making this a sustainable lifestyle shift is the uphill battle of constantly cooking and doing dishes. MM provides a wonderful solution for people that are wanting to nourish their bodies with delicious and nutrient dense meals, but maybe don’t have the time to spend hours in the kitchen or grocery store. I think this concept is especially important for folx with any type of disability or chronic pain that might benefit from having a grab and go option when cooking isn’t within their range of comfortable mobility. I think what you’re providing people at MM is so very important and I knew I’d love to be a part of such a great organization! 

Besides Whole30 and coaching, what are you passionate about? What really lights you up?

Christine with her two doggos, Chico the chihuahua and Panda the pekingese.Dogs. Haha! But truly...who doesn’t love a good pupperino?! I may or may not be a full blown crazy dog mom... and also may or may not have been on an episode of the Dog Whisperer. Haha! But all dog shenanigans aside, what really lights me up is creating community. I love love love connecting with people and learning new perspectives and cultures. I’m the epitome of an extrovert and my happy place is a room full of people. I love hosting gatherings where I can combine my two loves, food and friends. Nothing gives me more joy than bringing people together and creating safe and inclusive spaces for all. Everyone always has a seat at my table! And I promise you’ll leave with a full belly and a happy heart!

We want to get a little more in depth with some fun Rapid Fire Questions! Ready...Go!

Chocolate or Vanilla?
Option (C) Mint Chip 

If you had one superpower, what would it be?
Teleportation! I want to see the world in a snap! 

Early Bird or Night Owl?
Night Owl for sure!

Favorite book that impacted your life positively?
The Lord of the Rings. I know I know! But trust me, the original books are classic and I remember reading them all with my dad as a kid and it spurred a sense of curiosity in me that stuck with me forever. Also, totally made me want to be a writer! 

Most used emoji?
Christine enjoys a good laugh while playing imaginary bongos in the street
Favorite Animal?

What 3 words describe your first Whole30 round?
Transformative, Challenging, Exciting

Dream vacation spot?
Take me back to Fortuna, Costa Rica! 

Favorite brand and flavor of sparkling water?
Oh mannnn…toss up between Raspberry Spindrift and Coconut Waterloo 

Most binge-worthy show?
Chef’s Table. Obsessed! 

Current song on repeat?
Truth Hurts by Lizzo...of course!

Your Food Freedom philosophy in one sentence:
Eat whatever you want whenever you want and don’t you dare feel bad about it! Haha...I know a bit aggressive, but I’m all about dismantling all those icky diet culture narratives! It’s your body and you get to decide every single day about what you want to put in it or not.  No shame to any of it!

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?
Do more of the things that bring you joy. I can’t remember if it was worded that way exactly...but whatever Danika instilled in me when I attended The Brunch Series last year was the best damn advice I’d ever received. She flipped a switch in my mind and I went from living a life filled with things that made me miserable because I felt that I had to do what other people “expected” of me to living a life that brings me joy every single day. And I can’t imagine it any other way now! 

Speaking of advice, what words of wisdom would you share with someone who is ready to Whole30 or simply embark on their own health journey or lifestyle change?

Think about your why. Why are you wanting to make a change? When you’re in the weeds and feel like throwing in the towel, you can revisit your why and put things into perspective. 

Thank you so much for sharing with us and our MM community! We will certainly  be seeing more of you on social media and throughout our MM content. Welcome to the team and we are grateful to be working with you!

Lastly, please tell everyone where they can find you on social media and the web!

Find me @christinerosecreates on Instagram and check out my website for recipes, Whole30 resources, and much more at

Have questions for Christine? Drop them in the comments below and help us welcome her to the MM family!


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