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How To Create More Space In Your Life By Danika Brysha

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Over the past few years I have redefined what it means to me to create space in my life. This started in 2018 when I set across the country with my partner and dog on a self-care event tour, The Brunch Series. I gave away basically everything that I owned, and packed up my life into an RV for the duration of the tour. It was during this time that I realized that there were multiple elements that contributed to feeling spacious, not just the physical. I’m going to give you ideas for each of these other categories to clear the clutter and create a more spacious life. 

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Let’s talk about mental space. If you are here on the Model Meals page you are already a pro and know the importance of delegating and automating to clear space. One of my favorite ways to create more mental space is technology (shocker!). I use a project management tool called Asana where I keep all the tasks of my days so that I have to remember less and can automate more. I also schedule in ‘white space days’ where I schedule no meetings whatsoever, this allows me to batch work and have focused time on larger projects.


I often say you have the answers inside yourself, you just aren’t creating the space to listen. We can find this space through meditation, breathwork, or sitting in stillness in nature. It is the act of listening and the practice of turning off our brain so our answers can come easier and more clearly to us.


Emotions are energy. They have a tendency to get stuck in our body and make us feel uncomfortable or anxious. It is incredibly important to nurture our emotional space. One way we can do this is by journaling. Start by using the prompt “I Feel…” See what comes up and let it out. Other ways you can let out emotional energy? Go to therapy, talk with a friend, get some healthy movement in. Whatever feels best to get that energy-in-motion out. 

I hope these gave you some more ideas on how to create more space in your life. If you are looking for more tips, feel free to follow me @danikabrysha or check out Self-Care Society for tons of great resources on clearing the clutter from our lives.

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