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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Meal Delivery

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Hey Model Meals Fam,

This is our latest love letter to you- the community and customers that motivate us to keep persevering and doing what we do best. We know it's a funky time right now. It's just strange and weird and all sorts of WTF, but here we are. We're in the midst of a pandemic and we're all collectively trying to adjust and figure out what to expect from life and this new normal. Stressful? You bet. What we're finding is that there's comfort in the things that are routine and familiar, and for us that's forecasting, planning, sourcing, prepping, cooking, packing, shipping, and delivering the Whole30 and Paleo meals that our customers have come to rely on now more than ever.

As a response to COVID-19 and the challenges it has presented to everyday life, we have seen an increased demand for the types of meals we prepare and thus, a rise in orders. Model Meals has experienced an effect of this virus that isn't shared by a majority of small businesses: an uptick in our production. While we are grateful to be serving more customers, the circumstances are less than ideal. It's here in this space where we've attempted to find balance, ethically and with intention, about how we proceed on this phase of our journey. While we want to express our love, gratitude, and dedication to our customers, we also want to give you some of our best tips and guidance to make the most out of your meals, our delivery, and your service experience over all. Here's what we do know...

COVID-19- a new normal

    For some of these reasons, and to help us serve you better, we've made a list of ways to maximize your meal delivery and help your fellow customers do the same in the process. Oh, and we've included a few fun suggestions for fighting cabin fever and connecting with your besties when a brunch date is off the table.

    1. Set a reminder for new menu ordering, either Tuesdays or Saturdays after 12 noon
      1. Why: Help us help you! When we plan our menus we do what we call “menu forecasting.” It’s pretty much exactly what it sounds like: we’re creating a menu with a variety of meals and forecasting what we can sell. This helps inform what we expect to produce from the kitchen, as well as what our chefs need to order in terms of ingredients. We monitor our meal sales from the moment our menu goes live up to the minute the menu closes. When we track our sales earlier in the menu cycle, and if the menu is close to selling out earlier, we are able to adjust meal availability. For example, if we’ve projected 75 sweet potato toasts to sell from Saturdays menu but by Wednesday we’ve sold 70, we are able to add more to our projection so more meals can be ordered and more of the necessary ingredients can be added to our vendor orders for the culinary team to work their magic. When you order earlier in the week we can make the proper adjustments to ensure we have stock and supplies to create all the meals needed for our deliveries!
    2. Order for both delivery days at once each time you place your order.
      1. Why: This helps you save on shipping costs and helps us save on our packaging supplies, as well enables us to forecast better. More time to plan = more time to create a menu to serve more people! When you order from both menus for each delivery day (Monday and Thursday deliveries) you can save on shipping costs. That means you only pay shipping one time and, if you order over $250, you can qualify for free shipping! This is such a helpful hack when you know you want to get deliveries twice a week and helps keep your costs down. Just make sure you’re selecting meals from each menu and adding to your cart at the same time. Ordering like this also saves you time so you get your meal order out of the way once a week instead of twice. In regards to sustainability and packing material, ordering for both days enables our shipping team to pack your meals in the appropriate containers and with the perfect amount of ice packs. We also are reordering our packing supplies less when we know what to expect each week. It truly has a trickle down effect in our business when we have more time to plan!
    3. Check out our meal “sort-by” options to know what to add to your cart.
      1. Why: Perfect for the newbie or the seasoned MM ordering pro, sorting each menu’s meals can give you insight into what’s the best fit for your needs that week. Maybe you want to be able to freeze some meals halfway through the week, or you want to try our most popular items to see what the hype is about, our “Sort meals by” feature, located on the top right of the menu, allows you to view the meals that fit your chosen criteria according to the dropdown menu. You can also sort by “New,” meaning that you’ll be able to beat food boredom when we introduce new meals on the menu.
    4. Browse and take advantage of our add-on selection.
      1. Why: We’ve curated a selection of add-on items that are perfect complements to our entire menu of Whole30 Approved meals. While all of our meals are 100% Whole30 Approved, our add-ons are a variety of approved, compliant, and paleo options. We source the tastiest juices, beverages, whole food bars, snacks, and more from small and local vendors who share our mission to provide healthy, sustainably sourced items that help our customers feel their best. You can order larger sides of protein and veggies that are made fresh in our kitchen, as well as our new paleo rolls that are baked with love each week. With each item you add to your cart from our add-on section, you can be assured that these products meet our high standards of quality and taste. Stock your pantry, refrigerator shelves, and replenish that hidden snack stash with items like meat sticks, energy balls, fruit jerky, sauces, and bone broth. Many of these items are freezer friendly, too. For example, our MM homemade soups stay fresh in the freezer for up to 6 months! Perfect for a thaw when a comfort meal is in order or you want to prepare dinner for hungry mouths ASAP.
    5. Make sure you register a MM Account, sign up for our recipes and blog and follow us on social media.
      1. Why: We’re full of surprises, like hosting giveaways with some of our favorite brands, exclusive takeovers with your best-loved health and wellness experts, offering gifts and samples with your orders, and sharing updates about what’s new and now at Model Meals. We believe that communication and transparency are values we should always operate with and these channels are the ways we keep in communication with our customers, community, and supporters. We love sharing our inner workings and behind the scenes info with you through social media, email, and our blog. Making sure you’re up to date with receiving communications from us is the best way to get notified of the latest sales, news, and upcoming events and promotions at Model Meals!

    We know there are a lot of unknowns right now and that can be really scary.  As a business, we count our blessings every day that we are able to continue to create nutritious, healthy, and delicious meals that arrive to your doorstep each week. As individuals, we are grateful we have jobs, our MM team, our customers, and our community to carry us and give us hope. It has always been our mission to model how to live happier and healthier lives, one meal at a time and it will take a lot to deter us from that path. In the meantime, we encourage you to reach out to us with any questions, concerns, or challenges you may have. We appreciate your help and collaboration, and we look towards serving more people in this time of uncertainty. Thank you for being a part of our network and community. We couldn’t do what we do, what truly lights us up, without you.


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