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How To Travel With Model Meals

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One of the most commonly asked questions we get from our customers is, “Can I take Model Meals on the go with me?” And the answer is ABSOLUTELY! Because all of our meals are ready-to-eat, it’s a great alternative to the usual unhealthy eating habits we often make when traveling.

So this blog is all about taking Model Meals on the road. We’ll share some great tips to help you take your meals with you no matter where you go or how you get there. That’s right… whether you’re traveling on boat, plane, train, bus, or car, you can take your Model Meals dishes with you and enjoy healthy, Whole30 living on the go.

Model Meals | Travel with Model Meals

Advice from Model Meals Founder + CEO, Danika Brysha

Before we get into our travel tips, we thought we’d share some advice from our very own Danika Brysha. She’s a pro at taking Model Meals on the go, whether she’s on a modeling gig or Brunch Series tour stop. Here are some of her top tips for traveling with Model Meals:

  • Traveling on a plane? Make sure your meals have no more than 4 oz of liquid to get through security safely
  • Use a traveling pack (like Hot Logic Mini) to keep your meals packed tightly
  • Use hard cooling packs on top of your meals to keep them cold

These are just a few of the amazing tips Danika’s shared with us. If you’re interested in hearing more of Danika’s tips, follow us on Instagram and look out for Danika’s Tips stories which get posted monthly.

Model Meals | Danika Brysha Travel Tips

Our team loves to take Model Meals on the go. Whether it’s a weekend camping trip or a week-long vacation, we never shy away from taking our meals with us. So we’ve put together a list of the best tips for traveling with your meals.

Tips for traveling with Model Meals

Keeping your meals cold

The important thing to remember is keeping your meals cold will help keep them fresher longer. The best way to do this is to take the insert from your Model Meals delivery and use that in the bag or cooler you’re using to pack your meals. The insert is made to keep the meals cold up to 24 hours, which is perfect during travel times. To help keep meals cold beyond the insert, we also recommend using 2 or more hard cold packs on the top of your cooler or bag.

Model Meals | Keeping Meals Cold

Best before dates

Another important tip to keep in mind when traveling with your Model Meals is to understand the best before dates and ingredients in your meals. Certain ingredients like fish and lettuce have shorter expiry times and can be tougher to travel with. So before you start packing, look at expiry dates and ingredients and make sure you’re bringing meals that are more likely to last through travel (chicken, vegetables, and sweet potatoes are great through travel times).

Packing your meals for travel

Once you pick which meals you want to bring with you it’s time to pack them. As mentioned in the tip above, using our insert with hard ice packs will help keep meals cold. The other thing to keep in mind when packing is the packaging itself. If you want to keep your meals in the containers they’re shipped in (which we do all the time), it’s important to find a container or bag that doesn’t leave too much room at the top. This will help stop meals from moving around too much and can also help prevent containers from cracking. Hot Logic Mini cooler bags were recommended to us from a customer and fit Model Meals perfectly! They can also be used to heat up your meals... BONUS. If you’re stuck using a cooler that is really large, try filling the empty space with towels or some kind of soft wrapping paper. This will make a big difference when traveling with your meals.

Model Meals | Packing Your Meals

Storing your meals

Once you get to your final destination, it’s important to get your meals in a cold storage space as quickly as you can. Using a fridge is your best bet, but if you have a bunch of meals with you, using a freezer is also a great way to help keep them longer.

Reheating your meals

When it comes to heating and eating your meals, you have a few options. You can use a microwave, oven, stove top, or even the Hot Logic Mini cooler bags! If you are using a microwave or oven to heat your meals, make sure you remove the lid and keep heat under 375 degrees and cook time under 30 minutes. If you do not have any elements to heat up your meals you can always eat them cold! Our meals are fully cooked (except meals with twice baked potatoes) which makes eating them cold perfectly safe.

Model Meals | Reheating Your Meals

Ordering from a new city

One of the best things about Model Meals is that we deliver to MANY different locations. So if you’re within the delivery radius, just place your order and update your delivery address! Here’s a list of all areas we currently serve.

Hopefully, these tips have helped you realize how easy it is to take your Model Meals with you and how easy it is to maintain a healthy lifestyle or Whole30 program.

If you have any of your own travel tips, add them in the comments below!

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