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MM Customer Spotlight with Alexandra Pullen from Healthy Ballerina

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As a professional ballet dancer in Los Angeles, Alexandra is all about nourishing her body. You may know her on Instagram as "Healthy Ballerina" and she certainly lives up to that title. Not only is she a professional dancer, she also teaches ballet as well as yoga. With such an active lifestyle, she knows first-hand how important it is to fuel her body with food that'll make her feel her best. She's giving us a peek behind the curtain and sharing all about her personal food journey and how Model Meals has helped her along the way. 

Alexandra Pullen, Healthy Ballerina

"Whole foods have the power to energize us naturally and heal us from within, but food is also family, culture, joy, and so much more! I’ve subscribed to many different health trends, but at the end of the day what I’ve found works best for me is listening to my body."

Please share a little about your background and your journey with nutrition.

I have always had an interest in nutrition from my background as a professional ballet dancer. As an athlete, you need to learn how to optimize fuel for performance. The mentality of “food as fuel” is something I think that everyone can implement. One should be intentional with what they eat, but also able to enjoy life and indulge. Whole foods have the power to energize us naturally and heal us from within, but food is also family, culture, joy, and so much more! I’ve subscribed to many different health trends, but at the end of the day what I’ve found works best for me is listening to my body.


What is your philosophy when it comes to health/nutrition? 

My overall philosophy is balance and moderation in all things. An obsession with healthy eating is, that’s right, just another form of being unhealthy. For me, health is being able to have my routine and normal way of eating, but feeling comfortable stepping out of any rigidity and enjoying my life. Being able to go on vacation and try the local cuisine, eat cake on my birthday, or indulge in any way without guilt or shame is really important for a full life in my opinion. At one point in my life, I was really strict with what I was consuming and heavily restricted. Even after that disordered eating period in my life, I liked the label and rigidity of calling myself a vegan and later a vegetarian. I don’t think there’s anything inherently wrong with being a vegan or vegetarian, but I was using it as a crutch for control. Opening up myself to eating whatever I feel like, such as meat,  (in moderation and with intention) has been so freeing both mentally and physically. 


How did you find Model Meals ? What called to you to make the decision to try our service?

I found Model Meals through other blogger friends that had tested it out and LOVED it. I decided to try Model Meals myself because I had just started incorporating meat back into my diet. Model Meals has the most amazing, high-quality, sustainable proteins out there—so I knew I was getting the best of the best. The thing I love about Model \Meals is that, unlike a lot of meal services or “healthy food” meals, rather than just having a protein next to a side, MM ingeniously incorporates both to make delicious and creative Paleo spins on dishes that I’m familiar with and crave.

Alexandra Pullen, Healthy Ballerina

What would you share with someone who is considering finding a meal delivery service that is right for them?

Don’t let the cost scare you! Although it can seem steep at first, you have to consider the quality of what you’re getting. The ingredients in all MM meals are all top-notch. Also, I spend a lot of time meal prepping and food shopping—so eliminating that is priceless! I think it’s important to have a variety in the menu, and one that changes weekly or bi-weekly such as MM. 


As a busy student and athlete, how do you think that someone can incorporate MM into their nutrition routine?

You don’t have to go Whole 30 or Paleo to enjoy MM! I just like to incorporate eating this way into whatever else I eat. I still eat heavily plant-based when I’m not enjoying MM, so it’s nice to have the balance.


What has surprised you the most about MM?

How freaking DELICIOUS paleo foods can be!!! Celery root tortillas? Are you kidding!!! Everything is so amazing and you can tell it’s made with so much love.


What has been your favorite meal since incorporating MM into your nutrition and self-care routine?

Ok, this is sooo hard. I would have to say that I love the Lettuce Wrap Burgers with “Fries.” I’ve found that lamb really agrees with me and is super easy to digest so I would have to say that’s my favorite. Other runners up are the Fish n’ Chips, Shepherd’s Pie, and BBQ Chicken.

Alexandra Pullen, Healthy Ballerina

What is your favorite way to enjoy a MM meal? Do you add anything special to them (ie avocado, dressings, additional fruit/veg)?

Sometimes I add a little bit more dressing, a sprinkle of my favorite Philosophie Superfoods Savory Green Dream seasoning, or some pink sea salt! Most of the time I just enjoy the meals as is, though!


We find that our customers save a lot of time using our service. What have you been able to do with the time you’ve saved from not having to go to the store and grocery shop, meal prep, or cook? Have you found this to be valuable to you?

 This is literally the most amazing part about MM. It’s so seamless and effortless. Eating healthy is also so much easier when it’s convenient and right in front of you. It makes incorporating high quality meats into my diet so easy. I’m still new to eating meat, and I honestly don’t even know how to properly cook it! Also, I pretty much just cook for myself so it’s nice to be able to have variety rather than cooking something and having to eat all of the leftovers. The extra time MM affords me is priceless!!

Alexandra Pullen, Healthy Ballerina

Is there anything else you’d like to share about your experience with MM that others may find helpful?

I hate wasting food, so when I expect that I’m going to be eating out a lot one weekend or I’m going town I definitely make sure to order less or skip the order altogether for that delivery. Otherwise, I just found out that most of the meals are freezable—so no need to waste!


Can you relate to Alexandra's experience? What stood out to you most? Let us know in the comments!

Learn more about Alexandra's journey on her blog at and keep up with her on Instagram @healthyballerina.


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