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Model Meals Walk-In Walk-Through

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It’s important to know where your food comes from and how it’s prepared. We are strong believers in that! Which is why we’re completely transparent with all of our amazing customers about where our protein and produce come from. But how about where it’s stored?

In this blog, we’re going to give you a walk-in walk-through! You’ll see where we store all of our protein, produce, packed meals before, and add-ons before they’re sent to you.

The Model Meals Walk-In Fridge

Model Meals | Packing Walk-In 

Model Meals | Packing Food

Model Meals | Kitchen and Packing Walk-In

Q&A With the Model Meals Team

How big are the kitchen and packing walk-in fridges?
The walk-ins are approximately 200 sq. ft. in size

What are both walk-ins used for on a weekly basis?
The kitchen walk-in is used for raw materials like protein and produce. The packing walk-in for finished goods and 3rd party products.

At any given time, how much protein and produce is in the kitchen walk-in?
Model Meals head chef Claudia only orders per menu, making sure our protein and produce is as fresh as possible. So typically on day one of production, we have hundreds of pounds of protein and veggies, but by the final day of production, it is completely bare.

How many meals are in the packing walk-in each week?
On any given week, we’ll store anywhere from 3,500 to 4,000 meals in our packing fridge.

What temperature are the walk-ins set to?
We keep both walk-ins between 35-38 degrees to keep everything fresh and stored safely.

What are the future plans for the walk-in fridges?
We are currently working with the 4th street market management team on improvement plans. We are going to convert one of the sections of the market into a 600 sq. ft. walk-in. Stay tuned for updates!

Fun walk-in fact...
Claudia sends her team down there for time-out... just kidding, it’s too packed with food to fit anyone!

Model Meals | Walk-In Packing Food

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