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Q+A With The DNX Bar Team

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Introducing DNX Bar

Here at Model Meals, we're always looking for amazing companies to partner with to bring clean, healthy, and nourishing food to your doorstep, which is why we are so excited to welcome DNX bar to the Model Meal family! DNX, shorthand for Daily Nutrition, is a company that we knew we had to work with not only because their bars are just that good, but because they share much of the same philosophies, values, and goals when it comes to ingredients and the product they deliver. Their team was kind enough to tell us all about what goes on behind the scenes, how they come up with flavors, and what we can look forward to from them in the future (it loosely involves a cheeseburger). Read on to find out more and we guarantee you'll be as excited about their bars as we are!

Hey DNX Team! We are so excited to now be offering your bars as a fantastic add-on snack option to our meals. We know that you’re Whole30 Approved and Paleo (just like us), but we wanna know: How in the world did DNX get its start? What was the inspiration behind the brand and venturing into the meat bar business?

Our Founder, John Rooney, loved the idea of combining real protein (not powders like whey) with organic fruits and veggies to make a whole food snack with balanced macros.  Although there was a meat-based bar on the market, he didn’t like the taste or texture. This became a major goal at the company – make a super clean healthy bar without compromising taste!

Sounds like he was up to the challenge! How did you decide on the quality or ingredients you use? Was it always a priority to source meats, veggies, spices, and more that met such high standards?

From the start we committed to using only the highest quality ingredients.  These include grass-fed proteins and organic fruits and veggies. We also make certain that the ingredients contain NO nasty’s – like nitrates, antibiotics, gluten, GMO’s etc.!

DNX Bar Whole30 Approved Ingredients with Model Meals

Same here. It's like a match made in heaven. We L-O-V-E the combinations that you offer for flavors! How do you innovate and test what flavors you make available?

We have a unique team of individuals who develop our bars. We always start by building the nutrient profile we want to achieve. The next step is to locate ingredients that will achieve the desired macros and taste great. We have several culinary experts on the team that understand flavor profiles and how they relate when mixed. For example, we have a raw gourmet expert on the team who has 30 plus years of recipe experience with raw vegetables.

That's amazing. It sounds like you've assembled some pretty amazing innovators. We heard that your team is made up of fitness enthusiasts, culinary experts, and health-minded individuals.  What impact has this had on your DNX bars?

This has been the key to generating such unique flavor profiles while making sure we deliver a nutrient-dense snack. Many of our bars are functional in nature i.e. Keto, Post-Workout, etc.

Tell us, what makes these bars just so darn special?

Let’s take our Grass-Fed Beef Bacon Jalapeño bar for example.  This bar is both Paleo and Keto. What sets it apart from all other Keto bars is that it does not rely on Whey Protein Powder to enhance protein levels and there are no artificial sweeteners or sugar alcohols in the bar. That is truly unique! It also tastes amazing! 


Real food ingredients are SO important to get that authentic flavor and nutrient value. Share with us how you have you seen your brand evolve over time.

Our bars were not originally Whole30. We spent time with Melissa Hartwig (Urban) of the Whole30 team to reformulate to make sure that they all comply with Whole30 guidelines. We now have 7 unique bars and each time we release a new bar it becomes our best bar yet. We continue to get better at making bars.

What can our community look forward to from you in the future?

New and innovative flavors and ingredients. As an example, we are developing a spicy cheese burger bar that uses Nutritional Yeast in place of dairy. Healthy and awesome!

Oh my goodness we can't wait! Is there anything else that you’d like to share with the MM/Whole30 community?

We are proud to be apart of the MM and Whole30 communities and look forward to our DNX Bars supporting all of you throughout your Whole30 experience!

Thanks to the DNX bar team for taking the time to give us some insight into the history, inspiration, and future direction of DNX. Keep up with DNX by following @dnxbar on Instagram and make sure to add one of their bars to your next Model Meals order!


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