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Q&A with Tony from Big O Bacon

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If you've ordered Big O Bacon Bitties before, you get the obsession. If you haven't... well, you're REALLY missing out.

People sometimes think that eating Whole30 approved meals means eating salads and plain protein. But they couldn't be more wrong. Big O Bacon Bitties are Whole30 compliant, delicious, flavorful pieces of bacon made from all-natural pork.

Model Meals | Big O Bacon Bitties

We wanted to talk to Tony, the visionary behind Big O Bacon Bitties to learn more about how it all began and why he loves bacon SO MUCH!

Q&A with Big O Bacon's Tony aka The Bacon Wrapped Chef 👨‍🍳

How did you start Big O Bacon?

Not many people know this, but I first started as an employee at Model Meals. And one day, Danika overheard me talking smack on the bacon that we were using. Instead of getting mad or defensive, she suggested that I try making some Whole 30 bacon from scratch.

After some research and important trial-and-error, I presented my bacon to the Model Meals staff. And, as I'm sure you can guess, it went well! My bacon was now part of the Model Meals menu.

Model Meals | Tony Big O Bacon

How did you come up with the name?

When I first shared my bacon with the Model Meals team, I got two responses that really stuck with me. The first was from Danika. She told me that I was going to start a bacon empire and I didn’t even realize it yet. The second came from Chef Cathy. And was a little less PG-13. Cathy said that it was so good that it gave her a “big o”. And that is how Big O Bacon was born!

Tell us about the bacon itself! What makes this delicious stuff so… delicious?

My bacon is special for many reasons.

First, the quality of pork belly that I get is far superior to most brands that are purchased in the store. I use heritage breed pork bellies (Duroc). Secondly, I don’t use any sodium nitrate (which has been linked to cancer) when curing my bacon. I use dehydrated celery for its natural nitrate properties. Most store-bought bacon has sugar in it, mine doesn’t. The smoke on my bacon is different as well. I use a cold-smoking method allowing the smoke to penetrate deeper into the meat.

Model Meals | Big O Bacon Quality

What’s your favorite Model Meals dish to top with Big O Bacon?

My favorite dish is probably the new “smoked bacon wrapped chicken + sweet summer rice”. Chef Claudia did an amazing job with that one (even though it means that I’m spending 3 hours on the meat slicer).

How much do you love bacon?

My philosophy in life is to “wrap it in bacon”, or to take it to the next level. So, as one does, I got a tattoo of bacon wrapped around my arm as a constant reminder to do just that. This was five years before I even started working for Model Meals. So I guess you can say, I REALLY love bacon!

We want to thank Tony for taking the time to answer our questions!

Remember, if you haven't already ordered the Big O Bacon Bitties... it's time! You can find them in the Add-On section of our Sunday and Wednesday menus. You won't regret it. 🥓

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