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Q&A with Marco and The Team From Juice Budz

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We love local! That's just one of the reasons we are so enthusiastic about bringing you another new and healthy Add On: Juice Budz. Local to Southern California and using cold-pressing, we wanted to learn exactly what goes on in, and behind, their array of nutrient-packed juices.

Introducing: Juice Budz

Model Meals Blog | Juice Budz

We are so excited to welcome Juice Budz to our Model Meals family! Give us some insight into the Juice Budz story.

Not satisfied with current cold-pressed juice offerings, the three of us, Ephraim, Anthony and Marco, set out to create beverages that balanced flavor and wellness. We understood that using locally-sourced, nutrient-rich produce of the highest quality would yield great tasting healthy juice. Launched in the summer of 2014, Juice Budz selections quickly became a customer favorite. The demand experienced at Farmer’s Markets sparked our idea to open our flagship store that expanded our conscious-living items to include nutritional bowls and smoothies.

What is your philosophy when creating your juice blends?

With the belief that integrity should not be sacrificed, Juice Budz aims for excellence by serving the highest quality products and providing a positive consumer experience. We're getting back to basics, serving up 100% cold-pressed fruits and vegetables.

Model Meals Blog | Whole30 Cold-Pressed Juice - Juice Budz

Your juices are “cold-pressed.” Can you tell us about the process and some benefits of this type of juicing?

Cold-pressing is a method used that retains maximum nutrient and vitamin levels without ever sacrificing the quality of juice. There is no heat applied in the process, which you typically get from conventional juicing, therefor no oxidation in the juice.

Juice Budz juices have some creative and catchy names! How do you come up with them?

We really just try to be simple and be creative when possible. Such as in Froot, by reading it you understand that there’s fruit in this juice, but it also has carrot, which is a root vegetable. We combined the concept of fruit and subbed in “root” for the one ingredient. Lean N Green is another flavor where we took the low calorie nutrition and combined it with the main ingredients of greens.

Model Meals Blog | Whole30 -- Juice Budz

For someone who may be new to juicing, what wisdom would you share with a newbie?

By juicing, we’re able to consume key nutrients and vitamins that we otherwise wouldn’t consume. Once you begin juicing for a moderate amount of time, your body will ask for more of it because it naturally feels good. We have combined a variety of green juices for the entry-level juicer and we also have stronger green juice options for the experienced green juicer. It really becomes a part of ones lifestyle after you start juicing.

Now that you've had the chance to learn more from Marco and the Juice Budz team, it's time to try out the delicious cold-pressed juices for yourself! You can find them in our add-on section for both Sunday and Wednesday menus. Make sure to leave a comment below to let us know what you think!

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