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Talking All Things Veggie Vibes with Jen from Medlie

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You may know this awesome drinkable veggie company by their former name, Züpa Noma. Reintroduced this spring with a new name, Medlie, this Whole30 Approved brand is one that we continually love working with. With a philosophy that focuses on organic, whole food ingredients like nutrient dense vegetables and grass-fed collagen, Medlie is redefining what nourishment on-the-go should look like. With an array of vegetable drinks and new additions, like their line of nutrition-specific shots, Medlie is making veggies accessible and delicious for Whole30ers, busy professionals, active athletes, wellness-minded mamas, and anyone who looking to enjoy the nourishing benefits that comes with an increased vegetable intake. Now these are some drinks and shots we can get behind!

WHOLE30 APPROVED Medlie Veggie drinks at Model Meals


"With Medlie, we are embracing what the brand has really been offering all along -- delicious whole vegetable blends...Medlie allows us to fully live up to what consumers tell us we stand for, which is easy, convenient veggies on-the-go..."

Hey Jen! Thank you so much for all your great #veggievibes as we reintroduce you to our MM family.  First, we are so excited to have Medlie on board as one of our Whole30 Approved vendors. Second, I know everyone is dying to know more about the story behind ZUPA NOMA, now Medlie.

We know that juicing is a huge trend but lots of those items available are high in sugar and low in fiber, which can be tough for some of us working on taming our sugar dragons. What made you decide to stick to mostly veggies?

We’re all about whole veggies at Medlie because of their amazing benefits -- by using the entire vegetable to make our products, we retain way more fiber in addition to capturing all the vitamins and nutrients. Fiber is critical for feeling fuller for longer, and also offers lots of benefits for gut health, which we can all use these days!

We don’t have anything against a little fruit here and there, but too much fruit at once (particularly without fiber to help your body regulate its absorption) can be really hard for the body to process and leave you feeling a major sugar high… and then crash. I’ve personally found that drinking a savory Medlie Veggie Drink leaves me feeling calmer, with more stable blood sugar, than any juice.

We love your Veggie Drinks but we also noticed you have some new items added to the Medlie family. What was the inspiration for the new GLOW Veggie Shot with Collagen?

Our new GLOW Veggie Shot was inspired by two things, the first being the amazing success of our Kale Avocado with Collagen Veggie Drinks, which has really shown us how much people love the veggies plus grass-fed collagen protein combo! Second, Team Medlie drinks our veggies almost any time of day, but we felt like there was still room to create the perfect sip-sized boost for first thing in the morning. So this winning combination of hydrating cucumber, detoxifying lemon, alkalizing celery, and hair, skin and nails boosting collagen is basically our dream formula brought to life! I love to grab one from the fridge right after rolling out of bed and knowing that I’m starting my day on the healthiest note possible.

Kale Avocado Collagen Drink from Medlie at Model MealsKale Avocado Collagen Drink and GLOW Shot from Medlie at Model MealsGLOW Vegetable Collagen Shot from Medlie at Model Meals

The feedback on Kale Avocado with Collagen has been amazing! Tell us more about this flavor and why it is so popular within your community.

Kale Avocado is the first flavor we ever launched that paired our whole organic veggies alongside grass-fed collagen protein for added staying power and health benefits. We were literally inspired by seeing our Instagram community sharing Boomerangs adding collagen packets to our bottles and shake, shake, shaking! Pretty soon we had to try it ourselves in the office, and realized how good it could be if we did it right (and did the mixing a little more professionally...)! So then we thought about the most Whole30 friendly, low sugar, high protein, perfectly green formula possible, and Kale Avocado with Collagen was born. It jumped to our number one product on day one and has basically stayed there ever since!

We are huge fans of women-led businesses and female entrepreneurship. What advice would you share with other aspiring entrepreneurs out there?

Connecting with other female entrepreneurs and business leaders has been hugely helpful for me! Having a sense of community, knowing that others are going through similar challenges and opportunities, and having peers to bounce ideas off of is so valuable since otherwise, it can feel a bit lonely. In talking to others, you realize that we’re going through many of the same highs and lows, which can help put things in perspective.

You made the decision to re-brand under the new name, Medlie. What helped you make that decision? Did you have any fears going into it?

We’re so excited to announce our transition to Medlie, from our previous brand name of ZUPA NOMA. With Medlie, we are embracing what the brand has really been offering all along -- delicious whole vegetable blends -- going well beyond just drinkable soups. Medlie allows us to fully live up to what consumers tell us we stand for, which is easy, convenient veggies on-the-go, and opens up tons of room for future innovation, beyond just soup, and even beyond the bottle!

Whole30 Approved Model Meals and Medlie Collagen Vegetable Drinks

What can our community look forward to from Medlie in the future?

Stay tuned for some exciting new products coming in the next couple months! We can’t wait to share these with our community, as they’re unlike anything we’ve ever done before. And of course, we’ll also be launching some new Veggie Drinks, including another keto friendly offering for summer, and bringing back the ultimate fan favorite, Pumpkin Spice with Collagen, for fall :)

Is there anything else that you’d like to share with the MM/Whole30 community?

We feel so thankful and honored to be part of the Whole30 community -- it has been truly transformative for our company and informs how we’ve formulated many products, making sure to always keep the standards of the program at the forefront of our R&D. We also love the support, constructive feedback and sense of family among Whole30ers and Whole30 brands. We especially love being able to partner with Model Meals- as an incredibly strong Whole30 brand that is doing an amazing job of furthering the community and many benefits of a Whole30 lifestyle -- such a dream team!

Jen, a huge thank you for your time and sharing your passion with us and our community. We know you are changing the game in portable and healthy veggie snacks and we are so excited to grow with you and see just what Medlie launches next!

WHOLE30 APPROVED Model Meals and Medlie Veggies

Make sure to keep up with Medlie on the web at and on Instagram @medlieveggies.


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