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The Paleo Superfood Powder We Love: Philosophie

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Say hello to the plant-based, 100% Paleo, Whole30 compliant, superfood protein powder of your dreams: Philosophie. Created by health and wellness expert, raw food chef, yoga instructor, and mother, Sophie Jaffe, Philosophie was designed with the goal of making it easier, more inspiring, and more delicious to attain optimal health and radiant wellness. Crafted with the intention to help people to love, appreciate, and respect themselves, Sophie realized that a huge part of this process was being kind to our bodies. That meant eating beautiful, nourishing foods, actively moving and engaging in something that we love, hushing that negative, self-deprecating voice in our heads, and turning up the volume on the one that is telling us that we are amazing, we are talented, and that we can do it. With this in mind, we're proud to sit down with the Philosophie team and see what makes them and their superfood blends so, well, super!

Philosophie Founder and CEO, Sophie Jaffe

"...for any fellow women creators, embrace being a woman; never stop being ambitious, strong, and compassionate. Ask questions, seek guidance, and don’t see this as a weakness. Build a tribe and be there to support other women—success and happiness is not a finite resource, there’s more than enough for everyone."

We know that wellness influencer, Sophie Jaffe, is the creative force behind Philosophie. Tell us her inspiration for starting the brand. What did she hope to create?

Sophie started Philosophie, and ultimately her wellness journey, by simply wishing that she could have an amazing blend of superfoods and proteins together in one, convenient place. She didn’t want to run out of camu camu or another individual ingredient and went all over LA searching for high quality, fair-trade, organic superfoods and then began packing specially-created blends into mason jars and little bags. Sophie started giving the blends to friends and family and making everyone workout/nutrition guides. One day, in the sea in Israel with her husband, Adi, he turned to her and said, “You should really grow what you’re doing and share it with more people. Make it a company.” And that’s when it really took off. From there, social media really escalated her career in wellness. She was introduced to a wellness community + network in Los Angeles where she decided to not only share her superfood products but her story on living a healthy and BALANCED life.

Cacao Magic Plant-based protein powderGreen Dream Plant-based protein powder

While we carry two of your Whole30 compliant superfood powders, that’s not all Philosophie offers. Tell us about some of your other items.

Each blend holds a special place in Sophie’s heart and was created with a specific purpose in mind. Green Dream was created when she was pregnant with her first and needed more nourishment for her body; it's dose of greens and detoxification properties make it a beautiful blend for cleansing and resetting the system. Cacao Magic was created when her mom was battling cancer and Sophie discovered the healing, adaptogenic properties of reishi mushroom and the natural energizing properties of raw cacao. The third blend, Berry Bliss was inspired by her trip to Thailand and the lush tropical fruits and exotic flavors.

Beside these blends, Philosophie offers reset programs, superfood coconut butter, and raw honey all created to balance you from the inside out in all aspects of life. While many other cleanses deprive the body and leave it feeling weak and unsatisfied, the Philosophie Reset Programs are full of fiber, protein, and healthy fats, which help curb hunger while saturating the body with fresh, restorative ingredients in order to reach an optimum and enduring state of wellness and beauty. Our Superfood Honeys and Superfood Coconut Butters are a delicious way to add the detoxifying powers of our Superfood Blends into your foods. Our raw honey blend is known for its healing, anti-bacterial properties, and our Coconut Butter, made from highly nutritious coconut meat, is a wonderful vegan alternative to dairy butter. 

We also offer wellness products from Palo Santo to Chrysalis Water and our latest addition, Liquid Sunshine Chlorophyll Drops, to help completely alkaline the body systems and bring balance physically, spiritually and mentally.

Model Meals x Philosophie

We saw you just launched a new seasonal flavor for the holidays called Fall Vibes, a Pumpkin Pie Superfood blend. Tell us more about how you innovate and strive to provide high-quality products to your customers.

Yes! So exciting. We’ve already received such an amazing response on the blend and are gearing up for more innovative high-quality products in the future! We’re all deeply tapped into the needs of our community so we can recognize where things are lacking, can be improved or something is missing. Fall Vibes Pumpkin Pie Superfood Blend was created out of the desire to provide our community with something as satisfying & delicious as pumpkin spice without comprising one’s health with a flood of artificial sugars or sweeteners. The Philosophie superfood + protein blends (Green Dream, Berry Bliss, and Cacao Magic) are all vegan, raw, gluten-free, and have absolutely no filler ingredients. They contain nothing but the purest, most healing ingredients that have been deemed “superfoods” due to their exceptional nutrient density and we intend to bring that to EVERY product we craft.  

Philosophie Superfood Powder and Model Meals

What are some great ways to incorporate Cacao Magic or Green Dream powders into our own daily nutrition practices?

  • Add 1 Tbsp of Green Dream or Cacao Magic to a smoothie for a detoxifying, naturally energizing superfood + protein boost. 
  • Add Green Dream to vegetable soups and curries, or to eggs or try it sprinkled on your favorite Model Meals meal.
  • Add Green Dream or Cacao Magic to any batter for pancakes, waffles, cookies, or other baked goods. 
  • Mix Cacao Magic with nut or seed butter for a protein-packed topping for apples or toast.
  • Add both to freshly-cooked oatmeal or a bowl of dairy-free yogurt.
  • Add Cacao Magic to your morning coffee for an instant superfood coffee.

Yum! All of those ideas sound so delicious. We'll definitely be trying them out. We are huge fans of women-led businesses and female entrepreneurship. What advice would you share with other aspiring entrepreneurs out there?

  • Find your passion(s): something that fulfills you, something that challenges you, something that springs you out of bed and into the world.
  • Fill your life with people who give you energy, who support you in your mission, and who will be there for you on darker days, as well as the brighter ones.

And for any fellow women creators, embrace being a woman; never stop being ambitious, strong, and compassionate. Ask questions, seek guidance, and don’t see this as a weakness. Build a tribe and be there to support other women—success and happiness is not a finite resource, there’s more than enough for everyone.

What can our community look forward to from Philosophie in the future?

Oh, so much! We have some new products in the works that act as helpful additions to a healthy lifestyle. We’re in the middle of rebranding our Reset Programs to help offer more of a full mind, body reset and, because of the fantastic response we received on Fall Vibes, you can bet more high-vibe superfood-rich blends are coming.

A huge thank you for your time and for sharing your passion with us and our community. We can’t wait for our customers to experience the difference in taste and health that Philosophie can bring to their lives.

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Tell us in the comments- have you tried these superfood powders? How do you incorporate extra supplements into your life? We’d love to hear from you!


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