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This Week in the Model Meals Kitchen

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Well hello there. Last week in the Model Meals kitchen we were scrambling more than just eggs. With growing numbers it has been such a blast refining our systems and becoming more efficient in our little space. Chef Paul did the plating for our "Recipe of the Week" and I hovered over him like a puppy waiting for scraps. Janell's mom Janet has been helping out with packing on Saturdays and we're proud to present her with our "Intern of the Month" Award. I don't want to speak too soon but I'm thinking she might have a back-to-back victory in this category for quite some time. Check out our Pot Roast with Rutabaga Puree recipe over on the Recipes page so you can make your own Model Meals at home. And if it turns out really well, you can submit your resume to us if you're interested in challenging Janet for her title. (Not possible, sorry).

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