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This Week In The Model Meals Kitchen

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Wow, what a big week for Model Meals. Our very first San Francisco Bay Area deliveries went out on Sunday without a hitch. We are so thankful for all of your support in our first big expansion. We hope there are many more on the horizon. Co-Founder Camille flew up to San Francisco for delivery day to make sure the same love and care went into our NorCal deliveries that we put into our hometown SoCal ones.
And you've probably heard but Model Meals established the very first official National Avocado Day on July 31st. That's right. We were shocked to see that there was no national day to celebrate our beloved avocado and we HAD to take action. Now, every year on July 31st we'll celebrate the beauty of our favorite healthy fat/fruit. Don't forget to tag us on all of your avocado recipes. And for our local clients, don't forget to add-on a set of organic avocados to your next delivery! #purseavocado --- Happy National Avocado Day to all!

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