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This Week In The Model Meals Kitchen

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I am so honored to be guest posting for this week's blog! As a Model Meals kitchen lady, I know I can speak for the rest of the team when I say it has been super exciting getting our San Francisco orders off the ground. We've really found our groove in the kitchen and have so much fun packing the dishes together as a team with love and care (and a little envy that it's going to your house and not ours!). When we break from packing to eat, our chefs make a super delicious family meal and we spend most of our time talking about which dish we like best. The eggplant marinara from Sunday's menu was out of this world, right?! Let us know what you liked best from your order -- we always love hearing feedback from our customers so we can improve from week to week! Peace, love and clean eating, Kitchen Lady Kylie

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