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This Week In The Model Meals Kitchen

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You did it! Thirty days of feeding your body nutritious, delicious, real food goodness. How do you feel? You should be very proud of yourself - I'm proud of you! For those of you who completed their September Whole30 using Model Meals, what did you gain from this month with all of the time and energy you saved from grocery shopping, cooking, and cleaning? Comment below with your biggest take away from this Whole30! And give yourself a big pat on the back, and maybe give your boo/dog/hot neighbor a big ol' smooch, too - because eating clean is worth celebrating. Here's to practicing these newly-formed healthy habits in October!

-Kitchen Lady Kylie


  • Hi there I discovered you by looking on line and think I need to order. I live locally, in Old Town Tustin on Main Street. I started a business and cannot find the time right now to cook for myself. Here’s what I need:
    Dinner to fit into these requirements -
    Daily less than 900 calories
    Daily less than 20 grams of carbs
    Loads of protein
    I think after reading about the 30, this is a good match

    I welcome your call – 949-929-9252

    Melissa Figge on

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