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mm house pasture-raised poultry broth - SPECIAL 2 for $20

mm house pasture-raised poultry broth - SPECIAL 2 for $20


pasturebird pasture-raised chicken bones and marrow, onion, celery, carrot, herbs (thyme and tarragon) 


Two 32oz Containers of Poultry Broth made from pasture-raised, responsibly-sourced chickens.

Bone Broth Facts...

  • slows aging
  • improves digestion, skin, achy joints
  • makes you a fat-burning machine
  • floods the cells with nutrition - creates really healthy cells by healing your cut and allowing your body to absorb and metabolize better
  • intestinal cells regenerate in 21 days - changing your gut health and weight
  • sipping on broths can keep you 10lbs lighter each year
  • when your cells have the nutrients and minerals they need, you crave less, ultimately leading to weight loss
  • scientifically proven to reduce the severity and length of colds
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