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A Model Meals Thanksgiving

With the holidays just around the corner, sticking to the foods that make us feel and perform our best can be challenging. Well, here at Model Meals we want to help you think clearer, sleep better, and nourish smarter this holiday season. That's why we're preparing Whole30 Approved family-sized portions of your holiday go-to's to make that a reality!
We've brought back the items you loved at your Thanksgiving table last year with our signature culinary touch. Avoid the holiday hangover when you enjoy our Thanksgiving dishes, expertly prepared by our culinary team with you and your family in mind. The only thing you'll need to prepare for is gathering 'round your family table to make this Thanksgiving the easiest and cleanest holiday meal yet.

Choose from a variety of our favorite family-sized Whole30 dishes

Pasture-raised Sliced Turkey

Model Meals Holiday Turkey

Moist and perfectly seasoned, let us take care of the bird this year. This is the perfect portion to share or to keep in the fridge for those meals made possible by wholesome Thanksgiving leftovers. Learn More

Celery and Parsnip Stuffing

Whole30 Approved Stuffing

 Gluten-free, grain-free, and savory as ever, we've found the perfect combination of parsnip, celery, apple, and sausage that brings classic holiday taste to your table. Learn More 

Cranberry Orange Dressing

Whole30 Cranberry SauceCitrusy orange showcases the tang of juicy cranberries in a sauce that is the perfect compliment to your star-of-the-show turkey. We definitely suggest adding to your post-holiday turkey sandwich. Learn More

Bacon and Brussels Sprouts

Whole30 Thanksgiving Side

A staple side no matter what the holiday, enjoy the fresh profile of brussels sprouts, shallots, and smoky sugar-free bacon. Learn More  

Sweet Potato Mash with Pecan Crumble

One of our all-time favorites, our sweet potato mash with pecan crumble will have all your loved ones asking for the recipe after one bite. Don't worry, your meal prep secret it safe with us. Learn More

Pasture-raised Poultry Gravy

Whole30 Turkey Gravy

No Thanksgiving meal is complete without a good gravy. Made with that home-cooked flavor that you love, our gravy is the perfect compliment to juicy turkey or creamy mashed potatoes. Learn More


Ready to Let Us Do Your Holiday Meal Prep?

So are we! We've got our recipes ready, shopping list made, and drivers set to deliver our perfect family-sized portions of our Whole30 holiday staples to you. Our menu opens for order after 12 noon on Tuesday, November 19th. We only have a limited number of menu items available, so be sure to place your order ASAP. Want to get a reminder when the menu is live? Register Here so you'll get an email when each menu is ready for you.