• PURSE AVOCADOS FOR ALL: Dreams come true my friends. You can now add on an organic avocado to any order. Perfect to add to your breakfasts, salads, or to eat whole with a spoon. Our avocados are sourced locally from JJ’s Lone Daughter Ranch in Redlands, California. We’re making the #purseavocado a thing… because let’s be honest, you’ve had one in there almost every day for years
  • HEIRLOOM TOMATOES ARE BACK: We were so excited to see that those gorgeous heirloom tomatoes are back in season. It’s been a while since we were able to use them so when we saw them start popping up at our local markets, we know we had to add them to the menu. You’ll see them highlighted in this week’s new breakfast - our Heirloom Tomato Benedict + Yolky Egg + Lemon Aioli
  • NEW COMPOSTABLE CONTAINERS: Our new containers are here and we’re so excited. Our compostable meal containers are 100% plant-derived, allergen free, and non-toxic. For more information on our packaging (and pretty much everything ever asked) you can check out our FAQ section

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