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Shipping Policy

Deliveries occur on SUNDAY and WEDNESDAY between 4pm – 9pm throughout SoCal, NorCal + Phoenix.

Currently, all deliveries are managed by a 3rd party local delivery service.

It is extremely important to provide us with accurate delivery information and delivery instructions to avoid any delivery issues. Please contact our customer service team at (949) 610-0869 with any delivery issues or updates. Our service provider only operates during the regular delivery time frame of 4pm-9pm, so any delivery issues received outside that window may not be correctable.

Delivery Notifications:

You will be sent two texts on each delivery day to notify you of the status of your delivery:

1 – notification that includes a trackable link to follow your package

2 – your package has been delivered

Delivery Address Changes:

Any changes in delivery address must be received by the customer service team by noon on Tuesday for Wednesday deliveries, and noon on Saturday for Sunday deliveries. After that time, our routes are being finalized by the delivery service so changes cannot be accommodated. Please check your order confirmation email details to ensure they are correct.

Delivery Attempts:

Each customer is guaranteed 1 attempted delivery. If that delivery is failed for any reason, we will do our best to have our delivery team redeliver at the end of the delivery timeframe. If redelivery is required due to an issue on clients end (mistake or omission of delivery information, for example), additional fees may occur. If you receive a notification of delivery failure, please contact our customer service team at (949) 610-0869 immediately. We will always do our best to get your meals to you promptly and efficiently without additional fees, but we ask that you provide the most detailed information possible to avoid driver confusion.

Packaging Reuse/Pickup:

Our delivery service is instructed to pick up any used, broken down packaging at drop-off. We ask that you break down your Model Meals boxes to ensure they can fit in the driver’s car. You may leave your flaccid ice packs with the box. Any ice packs that appear leaky or damaged can be throw away.  If your driver fails to pick up your packaging, please reach out to our customer service team by phone or email to let us know. You may recycle packaging on your own if you prefer.