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Model Meals began in my tiny apartment kitchen in New York City’s West Village. After doing the Whole30 Challenge in January of 2014, I was left in awe at how much my life could change in just 30 days by changing what I ate. I emerged from the challenge 15 pounds lighter, with a level of mental clarity and energy that I’d never before experienced.  I had gotten so used to my old “normal” that I had no idea I had the capacity to feel that good. I knew I never wanted to go back to the way I used to feel, and so I committed to making clean-eating my new lifestyle. 

I used my new levels of energy to make other lifestyle changes. Armed with new self-care practices like fitness, meditation, gratitude, and more, the food I was eating gave me the fuel to completely transform my life. I became more present, vibrant, and happier. As a fashion model, I saw my body, skin, hair, and nails transform. My ADHD completely went away and I was able to focus in ways I’d never before had the capacity for. I ditched all prescription pills for good. I was hyper-productive and felt like I had superpowers, and this new mental clarity gave me the ability to look deeper into my life-long struggle with food addiction (sugar is very much a drug!).
I began sharing my recipes and healthy living tips on social media and within my community. People were really interested, but kept coming to me with the same challenges: “I don’t have time to cook”, “I don’t know where to start”, “I’m facing major food boredom”, and so on. I had an idea. If I could give people that healthy high FIRST, then it would be near impossible for them to go back to how they used to feel. And I could provide the recipes and resources to help them create this lifestyle for themselves long-term. If everyone was eating this way, it could completely transform the world. 

I posted on my Instagram asking if anyone in NYC was interested in a healthy private chef, and was surprised at how many responses I got. As a practitioner of the “leap and the net will appear” mentality, I committed to feeding all of them... and Model Meals was born. I began cooking and delivering organic, Whole30-compliant, healthy meals around NYC by foot and subway, and would share my recipes on social media so that others could create their own Model Meals at home. The word “model” was all about education. Being a role model of how to live and eat cleaner. My landlord helped me install a second refrigerator in my studio apartment, and I spent time creating YouTube videos to educate others on how to make clean eating work for their lifestyle. 
In early 2015 I decided I’d make the move back home to Southern California and into my parent’s garage so I could fully invest myself in building this business the right way. I teamed up with two phenomenal business partners, Chef Cathy McKnight and Camille May, and in August of 2015 we brought Model Meals to life on the West Coast.

Armed with a passionate and talented team and our dedicated clients, Model Meals has grown organically (like our food) into something we are so proud of. Our clients are new moms, entrepreneurs, professional athletes, men and women in recovery from life-threatening illnesses, children struggling with ADHD or Autism, supermodels, creatives, grandparents, and more! 
We love what we do and we hope you can taste the love in our food. Whether you’re local to Southern California or you’re making our recipes at home, our hope is that we can be a resource that helps you to live your fullest and happiest life possible… because, well, you’re helping us do the same!
Thank you for supporting our dream.
With love, gratitude, and total nourishment,
Danika Brysha