$ 10.00


One 6oz jar of our Model Meals Ghee (clarified butter) perfect for use when reheating your meals, cooking clean at home, or blending into your coffee (try it, we promise it's great)

Our ghee is made using unsalted grass-fed butter. The butter is cooked and skimmed to remove the milk solids, making it great for those sensitive to lactose. 

  • ghee is dairy-free (and of course Whole30 approved) making it great for those who don't tolerate lactose
  • ghee has a higher smoke point than almost any other oil, making it a great choice for heating foods at high temperatures
  • ghee does not need to be refrigerated and is incredibly shelf-stable
  • ghee is extra nourishing for those with digestive issues and helps the body to more deeply absorb the nutrients you are consuming in your meals