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September Whole30 - 90-Meal Package

September Whole30 - 90-Meal Package

90-Meal Package


Enter Code at Checkout to Purchase Package for $1,000

September Whole30 is right around the corner and we’re here to give you the support you need to rock your round! Experience the benefits of having prepared meals available to you that are Whole30 Approved and guaranteed to keep you satisfied even during the most challenging Whole30 days. Bust through The Hangover and eat your way to Tiger Blood with the variety and convenience that Model Meals provides you. With this meal package, wave goodbye to endless trips to the store, piles of dishes, and hours in the kitchen prepping meals for the week. Our 90-meal package enables you to enjoy Whole30 Approved meals while saving 25% off the retail price. That means you get a $1,350 credit to spend with us for just $1,000. After purchasing this package, all you have to do is enter your special code at checkout every time you order your meals and leave the shopping, prepping, cooking, and cleaning up to us.

Use code SW90 at checkout to get discounted price.

Included in your Model Meals 90-Meal Package:

  1. 90 meals at 25% off our regular retail price of $1,350, saving you $350!
  2. Your own discount code to use at checkout until your credit with us runs out, no expiration date included.

Upon purchasing your package you will be emailed a $1,350 value gift card code worth the value of 90 of our meals. Use this code when placing your Model Meals order each week and you can look forward to ready-to-eat meals without all the extra effort. Think primal fries, wild salmon patties, orange chicken, and other Whole30 versions of your favorite foods.

Want to try your hand at cooking some of your own meals but still need some help? No problem. We have a 60-meal package for 20% off the retail price. Still need a little less? Check out our 30-meal package at 15% off retail. With deals like this you’ll have all the tools you need to keep your Whole30 lifestyle going into the holidays.

The ordering process:

Place orders for your Whole30 Approved meals on our website (new menus go LIVE every Tuesday at 12 noon) and apply your code at checkout. We suggest placing your orders for the week as soon as the new menu launches to make sure you have priority choice of available dishes. Be careful, they do sell out. Delivery days occur twice per week, on Sundays and Wednesdays. You can order for both delivery days at once by scrolling down the Order page. Purchase over $150 worth of items and get FREE shipping! Order cut off times are 12pm PST Saturday for Sunday delivery and 12pm PST Tuesday for Wednesday delivery.

The fine print:

- You will receive a special code immediately after purchasing your package. This code will serve as your $1,350 credit with Model Meals to be used for orders at checkout.

-You will need to use your code at checkout each time you order.

-Your remaining credit is based on dollars spent and not meals ordered. We have calculated the cost and savings based on average meal price to give you the BEST savings possible. With the 90-meal package customers save on average $3.88 per meal off the regular retail price.

- Whole30 Packages have been made available to ensure you get the most out of your Whole30 experience by filling your fridge with our Whole30 Approved meals and delicious add-ons. Whether you’re on a round, navigating your reintroduction, or living in your Food Freedom, we want to help make your Whole30 lifestyle a virtual no-brainer and one that extends beyond 30 days in September.

-Good news! The credit from the packages does not expire and you can use the value towards meals as well as add-ons. We know that it’s hard to resist ordering a few emergency Patter Bars or some refreshing Juice Budz cold-pressed juices with your meals. Should you run out of credit, you will need to pay out-of-pocket for anything over your remaining credit balance. Once the credit is gone, it’s gone, so make sure you purchase the package or combinations of packages that are right for you.


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